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My Brainy match series from “Fluffy Bear” is learning and a brain teaser game at the same time. According to brain-based learning theory, learning is enhanced by challenge. In this game, we challenge learner’s brain by trying to match between a word (different reading levels) and a related photo.

For example, he reads the word ten (CVC word) and then tries to match it with a related photo which in this case is a photo of two hands ten fingers. The more the level gets up the more it gets complicated.
The earlier the learner uses this kind of games, the better his ability to think and learning develops.
My Brainy Match from FLUFFY BEAR enhances:
Early reading skills (CVC words).
Attention & concentration.
Problem-solving skills.
Logical thinking.
غير متاح للتحميل، حفاظًا على حقوق دار النشر.
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