Lydia Connell

Lydia Connell

The loveable twin duo, Lucy and Lydia are well-known for their eponymous YouTube channel and are steaming ahead in the digital world. Their uplifting platform features all things beauty, fashion and music related and they're known for their infectious enthusiasm. They regularly upload their hugely popular 'Get the Look' videos, which cover some of their favorite music artist looks. As a result of this successful content thread, the girls went on to film an exclusive series for MTV - 'Lucy & Lydia Style Sisters' which amassed an incredible 6 million views. Following on from this, the girls went on to do a Snapchat takeover for growing channel 'PopSugar' which resulted in over 1.4 million views. With a highly engaged and fast-growing audience across all of their platforms, Lucy & Lydia are certainly the ones to watch. They have excellent relationships and have worked closely with brand such as Disney, Misguided and Soap & Glory.

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