The Hypostyle Hall at Temple of Amon – Karnak - OR-9066

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The Hypostyle Hall at Temple of Amon Karnak – by David Roberts Date Created: 1839 David Roberts in 1839 was keen to visit Luxor, the third of the world heritage city, and surely to start at the Karnak to depict. The Great Temple of Amun is the central temple of the huge Temples of Karnak complex
and was the religious epicenter of Theban life during the New Kingdom (which lasted from 1550 until 1070 B.C.E.). This house of the gods was built on a giant scale and today remains one of Ancient Egypt’s most ambitious examples of Pharaonic era engineering and architecture.
Colossal columns and massive statues fill the halls and chambers, while all this oversized stonework is covered in a dizzying amount of intricate carvings. The site was first developed during the Middle Kingdom (2055–1650 B.C.E.) and was initially modest in scale but as new importance was placed on the city of Thebes, subsequent pharaohs began to place their own marks on Karnak. Compared to other temple compounds that survive from ancient Egypt, Karnak is in a poor state of preservation but it still gives scholars a wealth of information about Egyptian religion and art and is one of Egypt’s top tourist attractions.
Hypostyle Hall is one of the greatest architectural marvels of Karnak (a space with a roof supported by columns) built during the Ramesside period. The hall has 134 massive sandstone columns with the center twelve columns standing at 22 meters. Like most of the temple decoration, the hall would have been brightly painted and some of this paint still exists on the upper portions of the columns and ceiling today.
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