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Match & Learn – Numbers بقلم Fluffy Bear ... A fun way to learn Numbers with Fluffy Bear Match & Learn – Numbers. 20 colorful self-correcting puzzle sets, each set has three puzzle pieces. A numbered piece features digits with an object name in English and French, an image piece features the matching number of objects with the number written in letters in English and French. Simply match the number with the correct number of objects and the correct numbers in letters to complete the puzzle. Our educational Puzzle helps kids to: Learn to count numbers from 1-20 in a fun and memorable way! Develop visual-spatial perception. Develop basic spelling, grammar and vocabulary using engaging colors and pictures. Improve hand-eye coordination and enhance fine motor skills. Develops problem-solving and language skills at an early age. Fluffy Bear’s educational puzzle will give your child hours of fun and learning, occupying their mind with critical thinking and enjoyment. For ages 3 and up Safe, sturdy and durable puzzle pieces.

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