Approach of the simoom at the Giza plateau - OR-9067

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Approach of the simoom at the Giza plateau - OR-9067 بقلم Fluffy Bear ... Approach of the simoom at the Giza plateau – by David Roberts Date:1839 In spring 1839 David Roberts was surely finished covering most of the major landmarks in Cairo at that time, and before he started his Nile journey heading south, he was keen to capture the remarkable scene at the Giza plateau, but unfortunately, that day he arrived at the Giza desert was one of the Simoom days, but that didn’t stop Roberts from depicting the scene with the turmoil with the great pyramids and Sphinx in the background. The Simoom, or as known in Egypt, the Khamsin, are hot dry winds from the southwest. They give a murky hue to the atmosphere and the sun appears enlarged of a blood-red color. The camels are said to sense it, and so lay their heads close to the sand; the Arabs, cover their mouths with their veils. The face of the Sphinx whose leonine body has been covered by the drifting sand, making it invisible to the human eye. In 1817, the first modern archaeological dig, supervised by the Italian Giovanni Battista Caviglia, started uncovering the Sphinx’s chest, but again and again, the sandstorms were covering the body. At the beginning of the year 1887, the chest, the paws, the altar, and the plateau were all made visible. And finally, accurate measurements were taken of the great figures. The height is about 20 meters, length 73 meters, and width 19 meters. The mythical creature with the head of a man appears to represent the pharaoh Khafre, and the body of a lion, Facing directly from west to east with its nose is broken. Very high-quality printing and rich materials. 500 strong and sturdy pieces that resist bending. Very well-cut and fully interlocking puzzle pieces. Colorful and durable. Puzzle Size: 47.5 x 32.5 cm when complete.

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