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Al-Ghuri Complex - OR-9053 بقلم Fluffy Bear ... Bazaar of the silk merchants – Al Ghuri Complex by David Roberts Date created: 1839 – Colored lithograph by Louis Haghe The space between the two walls of the Sultan al-Ghuri complex is shown roofed over and used as a space for a silk market, with many gathering for gossip, coffee, and smoking as well as for manufacture and sale of goods. Al-Ashraf Qansuh al-Ghuri 1441- 1516Was the second-to-last of the Mamluk Sultans and one of most powerful of the Burji dynasty, he reigned from 1501 to 1516 as he was killed in the Battle of Marj Dabiq to be followed by Al-Ashraf Tuman bay II, who ruled for just 6 months ending the Mamluk dynasty in the middle east and starting the Ottomans. Al-Ghuri ComplexBuilt by Sultan Qansuh al-Ghuri between 1503 and 1505. The complex consists of two major buildings facing each other on al-Mu’izz li-Din Allah street, in the middle of the historic part of Cairo, Egypt. The eastern side of the complex includes the Sultan’s mausoleum, a khanqah, a sabil, and a kuttab, while the western side of the complex is a mosque and madrasa. Today the mosque-madrasa is still open as a mosque while the khanqah-mausoleum is open to visitors as a historic site. Very high-quality printing and rich materials. 500 strong and sturdy pieces that resist bending. Very well-cut and fully interlocking puzzle pieces. Colorful and durable. Puzzle Size: 47.5 x 32.5 cm when complete.

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